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MTR is a global rail and logistics company with operations in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, London, Stockholm, and many other locations. For the staff, we worked on creating 250 pixelated NFT portraits.

After the project was finished, a smart contract that was created particularly for the NFT mint on Polygon was transferred to MTR. Fractal Staking also facilitated the airdrop and transfer of NFTs to MTR employees.

Array of NTF's displayed on an Tablet.

Web3 | Fashion | Gaming

3D Fashion

The fashion sector is one of the industries that’s adopting Web 3 technologies, due to its commercial prospects, security and trust, reduced carbon footprint, and community building opportunities.

3D Fashion male model.

Credit: The Fabricant

(3) 3D Fashion models standing on stage during a fashion show.

Credit: University for the Creative Arts, UK

By launching NFT collections, hosting virtual fashion shows, acquiring virtual spaces, and developing virtual designs on well-known games, many brands are incorporating 3D Fashion into their business models.

These 3D fashion applications enable a creator economy where independent designers may easily introduce their creations to a large audience. Fractal Staking works with a diverse range of industries and with clients — including the fashion industry and designers — in fusing their art into the world of digital fashion.

3D Fashion models on a winter set modeling clothes.

Credit: 'The Ralph Lauren Winter Escape' on Roblox