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Dignity Tokens

We have created the cryptocurrency token “Dignity Token” (ERC-20) for Dignity Kitchen — a social enterprise located in Hong Kong and Singapore that trains, finds jobs for, and employs a range of people with disabilities, and intellectual and social challenges.

Project Dignity logo.

To facilitate the exchange of Dignity Tokens for cryptocurrencies like ETH and USDC, we set up a one-way decentralized swap site. We also set up a blockchain oracle (on-chain API) to provide real-time data feeds for the price comparison of ETH and USDC, and we assist clients in connecting their existing websites to browser wallets like Metamask.

By purchasing Dignity Tokens, actors in the cryptocurrency industry can support the disadvantaged and the disabled. They can also use their token to pay for meals and other services provided by Dignity Kitchen. As a result, Dignity Kitchen has become the first social enterprise in the world to accept cryptocurrency payments for meals made by the disadvantaged or disabled.